Wentworth College is a small and progressive GCSE and A-level college based in London, NW11.

Our mission

To help students achieve their full academic potential in an environment that helps them to develop as individuals.

We are committed to academic excellence and do everything we can to ensure our students achieve exam success.  At the same time, we educate young people about how to learn and seek to instil in them a lifelong appreciation for learning.

Our values

To achieve our mission, Wentworth College adheres to the following values:

The Individual

We believe that each pupil is an individual with individual needs. Fostering a caring, positive and democratic environment for our students helps both identify these needs and provides the ideal ‘space’ for them to be met.

Mutual respect

We believe that mutual respect, rather than the traditional teacher-student relationship is the route to good education. We believe that being treated with respect heightens pupils’ self-esteem and confidence, which in turn contributes to academic and social success.

Critical thinking

We believe that critical thinking is essential for students to succeed in today’s challenging environment. Students at the college flourish as a result of being encouraged to engage in independent learning. Our pupils will of course be guided by us, but they are encouraged to regulate their own behaviour and establish their own routes to achieving their potential.

Supportive learning

We believe that teachers’ expectations are a crucial factor in influencing a child’s educational attainment. At the same time, we believe that all pupils want, need, deserve and enjoy success. We will strive to rebuild low self-esteem which may have been formed from previous educational experiences.

Our environment

The environment at Wentworth College is designed to support our mission of academic excellence and personal development.

Small class sizes are central to this approach as they lend themselves to the intimacy that is required for pupils to develop the courage to succeed. This also allows teachers to develop bespoke strategies that are individually tailored to the needs of each pupil.

As well as this, the intimate atmosphere at the college and the sympathetic ethos that underpins it, means that the pastoral care students receive is second to none.

Our results

Our exam results show that the informal environment of the college need not be an impediment to achieving the academic potential of each student. Indeed the opposite is true.

Over the last twenty years the college has helped an enormous number of students achieve their academic potential and often outperform expectations by wide margins.

Most importantly we have done this in a way that has allowed those students to enjoy their educational experiences.