“All credit to you – to achieve these results (AAB), at the same time as giving Anouchka a love of going to college, is a real achievement.”

David Morris, parent

“Wentworth College is like a second home to me. It’s so friendly, and the teachers give you all the individual care you need. I’ll be sorry to leave!”

Alex Fenton, former student

“Relationships within lessons are often excellent and teachers work effectively at building up students’ confidence and self-esteem. Teachers know their students very well and the levels of mutual respect are tangible.”

Ofsted report, March 2012

“Wentworth taught me to have more belief in myself and my abilities. The staff were not only my teachers but also my friends, and I came away with grades exceeding my expectations.”

Olivia Grossman, former student

“The curriculum places a strong emphasis on students gaining analytical and evaluative skills… this deepens students’ understanding and enhances their academic ability to evaluate, justify and put together convincing and persuasive arguments across a range of academic subjects.”

Ofsted report, March 2012

“My teachers supported my educational and emotional development… not only have I surpassed my grade expectations but I feel equipped to handle all the challenges that higher education has to offer me.”

Ben Wallis, former student

“…the practical and stimulating activities that are on offer in subjects such as film studies, media studies and photography fully engage the students, test out their imagination and contribute much to students’ good progress.”

Ofsted report, March 2012

“Wentworth has a really friendly atmosphere… teachers guide the students to achieve the highest grades possible. I enjoyed every minute I spent at the college.”

Ryan Lipman, former student

“In the outstanding lessons seen in subjects such as English, history and mathematics, the pace of learning never drops and the level of questioning and interaction keeps the students on their toes from the start to the end of the lesson.”

Ofsted report, March 2012

“The time the college takes to help you makes you feel at home… my time here has made me a better person.”

Sam Klein, former student